Simple Remedies For Dark Circles That Really Work

Many are bothered by the appearance of discoloration under the eyes, but the good news is there are different remedies for dark circles available to choose from. It will likely depend on your personal needs and if there are other skin symptoms present that you are looking to treat as well. Dark circles are common in aging but they could also be accompanied by wrinkles, fine lines and baggy eyes. There are home remedies that may help you lighten the area around your eyes that are simple to do. Some may even help prevent further discoloration.

remedies for dark circles 300x199 Simple Remedies For Dark Circles That Really WorkWhile there are numerous causes and reasons why dark circles develop, it helps to understand what causes your skin discoloration may be related to. Sun exposure, genetics, poor lifestyle habits and aging are just a few reasons why they appear. Skin pigmentation may also be effected by poor blood circulation. When it comes to using remedies for treating dark circles, it may help you save money since many of them involve using items from home. Lifestyle factors may also play a role in how your remedies work. You may need to consider using a combination of remedies to help you see results.

Natural Home Remedies For Dark Under Eye Circles

Almond oil is a great remedy to consider since it has nutrients and properties that are good for your skin. The same properties have an effect on helping to lighten the skin. If you are allergic to nuts then it may not be something you can consider. Yet, the idea of using oils can be looked into since they are lightweight and gentle on the skin. The oil can be massaged gently into the skin.

You can also massage the area without oil to encourage better circulation of the blood. Cold compress can help with dark circles due to exhaustion or eye strain. You can use a cloth soaked with cold water, the back of a spoon that was placed in the freezer or wrapped ice cubes. Cucumbers and potatoes can also be used to place over the eyes.

Dark eye circles can sometimes result from or be made worse by skin dryness and loss of moisture. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can help lighten circles. While the recommended amount is around 8 to 10 glasses a day, you can calculate recommended amounts based on your weight.

Getting plenty of sleep can help improve skin pigmentation especially if you’ve been straining your eyes. Caffeine applied topically has been known to help reduce the appearance of dark circles. Using black or green tea bags on the eyes can also help treat dark circles. If you like the idea of being pampered then you may enjoy aromatherapy. This helps to open up pores and rejuvenate the skin.

Apply sunscreen on your face to protect and prevent further skin damage. Wear a hat or sunglasses on sunny days to reduce exposure. Maintain a healthy diet by eating a variety of fruits, veggies and whole grains. A healthy diet helps give the body necessary nutrients directly from the food source. There are a variety of different remedies for dark circles to review. There are also products available on the market to help treat your skin.

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