Deep-Set Eyes Plus Fair Skin Equals Dark Circle Disaster?

Dark under eye circles due to genetics are the toughest to treat. Some find it impossible. Hereditary dark circles generally fall into one of two categories, or both: deep-set eyes and/or fair skin. If you have both of these characteristics, be prepared for a lot of frustration until you find a beauty plan that works well for you.

It seems like I’ve had dark circles forever. And yes, my skin is fair and my eyes are deeply set. Dealing with this particular beauty issue is a constant battle, but there are some things that improve the condition when done consistently.

Follow All The Guidelines For Diminishing Dark Circles

Take note of all the different recommendations for dealing with under eye circles. When your skin is sunken around the eye socket, it’s unlikely that you’ll get rid of 100% of the darkness, but you can still reduce it significantly by following a few simple guidelines.

Actions such as getting enough rest each night, drinking plenty of water, eating nutritious foods and so on can go along way toward improving the look of your eyes. If you suffer from allergies or sinus problems, be sure to treat those symptoms accordingly as they can make your eyes appear even darker.

When the skin is fair, often it’s the blood vessels underneath causing the appearance of eye circles. Many of the under eye serums and creams on the market claim to treat this condition so be sure to check them out – and give them a fair shot to work for you. In addition, the skin is naturally a bit thinner under the eyes so look for ingredients such as vitamin C and certain peptides that help to boost collagen production.

Should You Opt For Professional Treatments?

Some people opt for cosmetic fillers (injections) in an attempt to camouflage their dark circle-friendly bone structure. Fillers generally work by plumping up sunken skin so that the eyes appear less sunken. It’s a more expensive option and is not without risks. Treatments usually must be repeated every few months or annually. If you decide to go this route, thoroughly research doctors and check plenty of references first.

Following a healthy lifestyle and using effective skin treatments is the option most people choose. With deep-set eyes it’s generally best to treat first with a dark circle serum and then follow with an anti-aging cream to plump up the skin a bit. A good under eye concealer is a must as well. Don’t expect to eliminate dark circles, just aim to make them barely visible once you’ve applied your makeup.

Use your judgment with gels and serums designed for puffiness and dark circles. Just because your eyes are deep-set doesn’t mean that bags aren’t a problem. I like to use an eye gel designed for dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet and follow it with a layer of plumping moisturizer containing anti-aging peptides. And of course, I never forget to use concealer!

Recommended Eye Serum

By the way, if you’re looking for an excellent under eye serum be sure to check this out – click here for details. This is the one I’m using right now. A little goes a long way and it provides antioxidants, peptides and other ingredients your skin will love.

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